Rose Jane
EnglishTutor 101

Native language: American English
Other Languages: Basic Spanish, Italian and Japanese
Currently living in: Philippines
Skype name: rosejane10

I am a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science so I can relate to topics with computer jargon and applications; I hold a certificate in script writing for screenplays from IAFTV Int'l. so I can give lots of English scripts for role playing; I am a singer songwriter graduated in School of Music in Missions, New Mexico USA so I can teach song writing and vocals as well. I have worked in a call center as a Technical Service Representative for Etelecare Global Solutions so I have the knowledge on customer care handling.

Available for employment.

  • Full-time, Part-time, Contract
  • Location: Via Skype / MSN Messenger, A Global Online Teaching Methodology, currently offering lessons to students from Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latin American Countries and Russia.
  • ESL Job Interests: one-on-one and group tutorials, basic and intermediate levels, children and adults, TOEFL /IELTS and job interview preparation, business and casual conversational English in the field of arts, music, entertainment, computer applications, graphics, web developing, health, food, nutrition, spirituality, family and personal counseling, cross-cultural literature and backgrounds.
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